Perceptions Exhibition

PERCEPTIONS is Elizabeth Surtees’ first solo exhibition, exploring artistic perception and emotive thought.

Using people as her canvas, she transforms them and their environment into fantasy, dream-like pieces of art. By mindfully selecting photographers to work with, she captures her vision and brings them to life.

Her work takes weeks of pre-production in her studio and can take up to 12 hours to shoot. From there, Elizabeth Surtees takes it one step further and accompanies her prints with art instillations and sculptural pieces. This gives a whole new dimension to the original work, exploring an alternative three-dimensional view and interactive interpretation.

Her work is thought provoking, emotionally raw and intricate. Even though she says her work is open to interpretation, there is deeper meaning, which she explains in exclusive behind the scenes footage and interviews.

Elizabeth Surtees is bold, colourful and an emotionally honest artist.


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